Arxiv on Feb. 7th


Title: Shared Autonomy via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Siddharth Reddy, Sergey Levine, Anca Dragan
Categories: cs.LG cs.HC cs.RO

In shared autonomy, user input is combined with semi-autonomous control to
achieve a common goal. The goal is often unknown ex-ante, so prior work enables
agents to infer the goal from user input and assist with the task. Such methods
tend to assume some combination of knowledge of the dynamics of the
environment, the user’s policy given their goal, and the set of possible goals
the user might target, which limits their application to real-world scenarios.
We propose a deep reinforcement learning framework for model-free shared
autonomy that lifts these assumptions. We use human-in-the-loop reinforcement
learning with neural network function approximation to learn an end-to-end
mapping from environmental observation and user input to agent action, with
task reward as the only form of supervision. Controlled studies with users (n =
16) and synthetic pilots playing a video game and flying a real quadrotor
demonstrate the ability of our algorithm to assist users with real-time control
tasks in which the agent cannot directly access the user’s private information
through observations, but receives a reward signal and user input that both
depend on the user’s intent. The agent learns to assist the user without access
to this private information, implicitly inferring it from the user’s input.
This allows the assisted user to complete the task more effectively than the
user or an autonomous agent could on their own. This paper is a proof of
concept that illustrates the potential for deep reinforcement learning to
enable flexible and practical assistive systems. ,  2078kb)


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