Hello everyone,

Another day, another version of this blog and I hope this time, this will be the right one. mphuget.com knew different versions corresponding to my own interests but that time I would like to discuss about my own research which is (Deep) Reinforcement Learning.

Why should I provide a blog on this subject? Well, I am quite disappointed of what I found until now. I don’t say there is nothing, there are some fantastic blog posts on the subject such as the one from Arthur Juliani¬†or Github such as the one from Denny Britz.

Actually, in this blog, I want to provide links to Github that provides examples and applications, research papers on Arxiv, lectures on YouTube, and eventually, my research and stuff I do around (Deep) Reinforcement Learning. The whole content could be then a starter kit for people interested in Reinforcement Learning.

Normally, I will provide links daily on papers submitted to Arxiv about Reinforcement Learning, hope one day I could provide explanations about these papers and interpretations too.