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Hello everyone,

It is been a while I want to start (again) my blog and writing posts. Well, this blog site was the subjects of many contents by the past but as you may notice. I deleted everything. Why? The content was not satisfactory and I failed on one point: I was not writing regularly.

Maybe that was my way to express I was not so much interested in the content I want to promote. I just tried to act like tout le monde, tract people on my content, be a blog star (hmmm).

If you want good advice, I urge you reading Ryan Robinson blog. It gives good start when it is difficult to write even a single line.

Why am I convinced this time I will succeed? I think I should first give details about me.

I currently held an Academic Position (Associate Professor) at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, specifically at the engineering school Polytech Annecy Chambéry where I teach at both undergraduate and graduate level Programming (Python, Ada), Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js backend and frontend, Ionic) and Data Science.

Even if I am certainly not as proficient (or fast) as a professional developer in these subjects, I have long story of developing in Node.js (Express, MongoDB, EJS) .

Finally, I face a big hurdle while teaching Node.js backend and frontend. Writing slides is so boring and does not allow to copy and paste source code, which is the main part of this course.

I only consider two other alternatives: (1) YouTube serie on developing in Node.js or (2) writing lots of documentation on the subject that could be both the content of my course and some notes while I develop.

Regarding YouTube, I still think about it but, for the moment, I refrain myself from this option for two reasons: my English accent is not so good, I don’t want to hurt your ears…, and it is difficult to find somewhere where I could record the video and the sound is not interfered by some noises (purring cats, kids, sirens, etc.).

So, you got it, this blog will contain everything I will teach to my students on fullstack JS (and certainly more). I keep the idea of YouTube but I need to find my way on this platform.

But, Node.js will not be the only available content on this blog. Some posts will be about Python (I want to develop an open source distributed key/value database just for fun), Deep Reinforcement Learning and above all, Chess.

Stay tune to this blog, I hope a weekly update.